Saturday, 28 March 2009

A highly original post about The Beatles & Oasis

I have A LOT to thank my parents for, not least for putting up with me for all those orbits of Bananaworld. I could go on, but I shalln't as I might wear my keyboard out.

Anyway, music is what we're here to talk about, and my musical tastes were largely shaped by my dear folks. They introduced me to the worlds of the likes of The Beatles and Deep Purple, bands tht have created some of the greatest tunes ever committed to the mighty medium of the wax cylinder (I think I may have been watching too much Futurama lately, Prof. Farnsworth's influence is ingraining itself in me...)

I mentioned to mum and dad, when visiting them the other week, that I'd been listening to "Yellow Submarine" rather a lot lately. Ah, what an all too often overlooked little gem it is too! True, it's only six songs long, and a couple of those had been previously released, but the album shines for George Harrison's contributions...

"Only a Northern Song" is, yes, a wee bit low but a jolly fine tune anyway. "It's All Too Much" is one of my favourite Beatles songs (as the current tagline on the right might suggest...) Musically lovely, vocally gripping and lyrically genius, it's great.

And so let there be rock: "Hey Bulldog"... Man, that's rock 'n' roll and no pretending.

A hundred and one people have told me, on learning that my favourite band is Oasis, that Oasis just rip off The Beatles. Oh how I wish these people would come up with something original to say. Yes, it's true, Oasis are undeniably inspired by The Fab Four, but there's SO much more to Oasis. As Noel said though, at least he has the decency to wait until people are dead before he plagiarises their notes (ah, the tragedies of John and Marc...)

(Where was I going with this...?) Oh yeah (blimey it's getting late...), "Hey Bulldog": having said that about there being so much more to Oasis, I reckon Liam Gallagher listens to "Hey Bulldog" every single day and thinks to himself, "Everyday, in every way, what I want more than anything is to sound like THAT."

(Try it, go on, try singing the line "you can talk to me" in a parody of Liam's style - it was written for him.)

(And after that, listen to "Helter Skelter" REALLY loudly, and if that's not metal enough, put on as mentioned before many moons ago on Bananaworld and I'll plug it's eighties greatness again: "Perfect Strangers".

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