Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Here comes the summer

(I might wax and waffle here, be warned...)

The winter solstice is past! That moment where the Earth's axial tilt is furthest from the Sun (assuming a North-is-up-universe...) is gone, not one hour ago. No spooky shit involved, no silly solstice celebrations, no pagan propaganda: just the knowledge that the days are gonna get longer for the next six months - rock 'n' roll!

In other solar system news, I actually managed to get up at six this morning (on the shortest day of the damn year, no less) to head to a vantage point I'd spied out to watch the Earth get all in the way of the Sun and Moon. One look out the window: overcast as feck. Back to the land of nod, there'll be other eclipses.

In other weather-related news, the snow is finally melting. Seriously people, if you live somewhere that's covered in cold, white stuff for more than a few days a year, EMMIGRATE! It's fun for five minutes and then it's just patches of cunningly-hidden ice seperated by channels of black slush. Farewell snow, you shalln't be missed!

Having said that, I did have a thoroughly sodden ride in the sleet and snow to college the other day and it was great: one of those experiences that makes you feel really ALIVE.

And now to sleep, and a longer day.

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