Monday, 22 January 2007

Welcome to Bananaworld!

It's not the original and best Bananaworld (i.e. it's not but it is going to be the new model for what the old Bananaworld will one day become; rising out of the charred cinders of what the old old Bananaworld was. (Does any of this make sense? Does anyone care?)

Oh yes, girls and boys, remember the happy glory days of Bananaworld featuring silly little titbits of information, Marmit
e-based research, South Coast weekend-away reports and, of course, muddy stories of 'Team Bananaworld'?

It will happen again...

Long live Bananaworld and all who sail through space in her!

Seriously though, I'm a bit miffed with where Bananaworld is currently being blogged (mentioning no particular blog hosters, oh no, twenty6 take note) and hope that Blogger and its Googlieness can do better.

Anyway, log back soon for a stunning action-photo-packed story of The Brazilian Adventure and first pics of the new look Cindy The Singlespeed Cinder Cone! Burble with excitement, mortals.