Friday, 16 September 2011


At first I was like:

The rain, the hills, the impatient road-users, the text message that never comes, the hunt for wi-fi, the forgotten keys, the bent wheel, the spots, the mouldy fruit, the feeling of being out of touch, the worn out battery, the washing, the claustrophobia, the beautiful things that have been thrown away, the perpetually empty water bottle, the pressure, the junk, the potholes, the fizzy houmous, the city, the blunt knife, the noise, the expectations, the rust, the negativity.

But then I was like:

The sunshine, the tailwind, the smiles from strangers, the coffee with friends, the wonderful books, the sofa for the night, the new wheel, the haircut, the ripe tomatoes, the workshop laughs, the dynamo hub, the new shoes, the endorphin-high, the feeling of being the epitome of bicycle-powering humanity, the chocolate soya milk, the relief, the treasures, the bunnyhop, the potato cakes, the pubs, the new blade, the music, the anticipation, the stainless steel, the future.