Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Cars crashing!

I hate cars: they're fat and slow and get in my way. Worse than this, they kill people (unlike guns, rappers, etc.)
There was a nasty car crash over the weekend and it was not glamorous in any way... unlike Hollywood!
Which is why cars should be limited to only existing on film! A couple of weeks ago I saw the film Final Destination 2. It wasn't brilliant, but good for a laugh and featured the most jaw-droppingly incredible car crash scene I have ever scene. I would definitely recommend seeing this film just for this crash. You don't have to watch the whole film, just the first 15 minutes or so. I was awed.
And so to Transformers: holy crap! The film's a little bit boring in places but some of the massive stunts are frickin' amazing. The reason I mention it here is because of a car crash. In one scene the Decepticon robot Bonecrusher ploughs through a bus... Yeah, this scene was killed in the blanket trailers of the film, but in context, and followed by the mental hand-to-hand with Optimus Prime, it was, again, jaw-dropping.
(On the subject of Transformers, why is it that the Decepticons have cool names, like Devastator, Tentakil, Skullcruncher and Motorhead whereas the Autobots have, frankly, fag names; Huffer, Bumblebee and Machtackle being pretty bad ones with Skids and Hot Rodimus being decidedly wanky? Oh dear, Earth is boned.)
I didn't want this post to turn into some kinda movie review but I just have to mention one more film, pretty much car-crash-free this time: 28 Weeks Later. Not nearly as creepy as the first one but with some BIG scenes. I like planes zooming between buildings and dropping expressive ordnance (which good ol' Transformers had too!) so this film beat 28 Days Later in that respect, as well as having the most worrying scene I've ever seen in a film... I won't spoil it if you haven't seen it (which you should unless you dislike endless gore) but the scene in question features people running in mad panic from terrifyingly fast, hungry-for-blood zombies through very dark streets under the observation of snipers with night-sights. It was horrible and I shit my pants.

Enough film rubbish!

I'm giving away a bike! That's right, I've got far too many bikes and have one, featured in a previous post, that I don't really need or want and didn't cost me much. The mighty Marin Shoreline Trail:
So I set up a competition at work: "The best things in life are free - discuss", with the intention of giving it away FREE. Interest was quite limited, disappointingly. I did take off a few of the shinier bits to make it easier to part with, but it's still very cool and FREE. I extended the deadline for entries so hopefully a few more people will get their arses in gear and provide me with the required amusing entries. Damn them.