Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Roundup, people, roundup (Bananaworld bass style...)

Bananaworld is back and orbiting well!

What's been going on on the surface of Bananaworld? Well, I'm gonna update www.bananaworld.co.uk to make it a bit more relevant with links to this blog and various picture/photo dumps of mine. Curiously I'm inspired by that damn facebook. It's kinda useful but very limited to its exact purpose, so I want a bit more of a free blog.


Team Bananaworld have been moving some bikes around, as usual. I've 'turned over' soooooo many bikes in the last year, buying and selling and swapping. I've got the mighty Marin Shoreline Trail back from Rich after sorting him a new steed. Spent a bit of time yesterday bolting on some classic bits to make it a nasty old skool freeride machine!

We had a little ride on Saturday around Elthorne and Boston Manor doing a bit of froriding and generally messing baout like in the old days. Team Bananaworld rides again!

Not all good news on Bananaworld though; sadly, I spilt some choco hooplas...
Tragic times.
I hope to present better news next time...