Wednesday, 5 January 2011

2011 so far

A mixed start to the new year...

01.01.11 - A day so unremarkable that I truly have no memories of what occurred.

02.01.11 - (te + Sup/down - N-# + solmud + I + d + Mfresh +Tcold + PR) x PopnDom = τ

teearly start
N-#the extra gears I wish I had
solmudthat unique colloidal suspension of Lower Greensand/chalk and mulched native leaves in meltwater-diluted horse poo-brown water
Isuprising and welcome midwinter sunshine
dthe view from Holmbury Hill that's impossible to tire of
Mfreshnon-central London air
Tcoldinitially frozen toes that gradually thaw
PRrealising the perfect tyre pressure halfway into the ride
PopnDomexcellent company
τtime ideally spent

03.01.11 - a day of waiting around; spying on the soon-to-be competition; learning about the barely-hidden poverty in one of richest cities in the world; and wondering just what to do about the really quite astonishingly muddy bicycle in the garage that wasn't there two days ago...

04.01.11 - the Moon's crossing of the ecliptic for the second time in a fortnight is again theoretically visible in South London and the weather is identical on both occasions:

Actually, that's perhaps being a little too generous with the interest level provided by the clouds. It was probably more like this:

(Discalimer: representative images generated using the airbrush tool. Actual in-game graphics may vary.)

Things to do this year (not resolutions as those are merely made to be broken): extract finger; write viable business plan and implement it; reforge long, lost friendships; embark upon more for-leisure bicycle rides; realise that, even though maths & physics exams have been aced with no revision so far, college work outside of colege has its place; actually at least start to learn to play the damn drums, and who knows, maybe the ukelele too; make more delicious cake.