Saturday, 14 March 2015


Things seen while waiting & wandering around.

The Saatchi gallery: not as rubbish as you might have been led to believe...

Paul's handedness changes twice as time goes by:

Well, this is not a bad idea, as such, but doctors, teachers, social workers, decent living conditions and a much-improved system of moving millions of people around this town are important too. Jus' sayin', y'know...

"INTERACTIVE DIGITAL DINOSAURS"... not according to this sign:

On the other hand, this sign DOES feature a dinosaur, and was quite possibly cunningly damaged by them so as not to interrupt their feeding:
Advertising sticker bowlderised: the company specialises in "limited run" clothing, which is precisely the sort of pretentious prickery that really poaches my plasma

The only orange thing on Orange Street:

This is what the 'Panoramic' mode on the phone's camera was made for:

Wetherspoons, Elephant & Castle:

This is the sort of shizzle that's avoided on a week off from work:
Photo of a detail of

I'll end this discordant collection of images there, with that reminder to work less, but smarter & happier. Don't overthink things.

- jawj

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